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1974 Born in Ehime Prefecture
1997 Bachelor of Architecture from the Hiroshima Institute of Technology
1997 Worked at Katsuhiro Miyamoto & Associates(-2001)
2001 Established Gahan Iwamoto Architect Atelier.
2012-2016 Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Setsunan University.
2006- Lecturer, Faculty of Media and Arts, Otemae University.
2005 Honourable Mention, The 1st FP Design Competition
Encouragement Prize, Technological development competition of house where thinning material was used
Shortlisted, THE 5th Reform and Renewal Design Idea Contest
2007 Grand Prize, Free Cloud DESIGN COMPETITION 2007
2009 Shortlisted, Japan Commercial Environment Designers Association(JCD) Design Award 2009
Grand Prize, THE 6th SUS Aluminum Award
Honourable Mention, THE 3rd Tostem Architect & Supply Contest
2010 Encouragement Prize, INTERIOR COORDIINATION CONTEST 2010
2012 Shortlisted, Open Call for Art Project Ideas 2012 Exhibition - Hiroshima MOCA
2017 Encouragement Prize, Kitchen spatial idea contest 2017

Gahan Iwamoto
Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
Osaka Association of Architects & Building Engineers
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